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Residence with embroidery factory

At the height of the lace industry in Plauen, the building complex was built from 1897-1902. The residence was erected first and later a building containing 10 embroidery machines was added.
In 1996, the embroidery factory closed its doors. The substances of the building, as well as the machinery, remained in original condition.

Wonders of historic technology

Until today inventive mind and engineering performance are thrilling. One of the leading factories for embroidery machines in the world was the “Vogtländische Maschinenfabrik AG” in Plauen.
From the beginning of embroidery in this region to the embroidery automaton – our museum explores technological development and shows historic embroidery machines.

The creation of patterns

Before a fabric can be embroidered a pattern has to be designed as well as a stencil of said pattern.
With great success new designers were educated in Plauen’s art school. The lushness of designs created in Plauen, was highly appreciated at the Great Exhibition in the year 1900.

A lace table cloth is manufactured

A table cloth made out of lace is a typical product of the embroidery industry in this part of Saxony, the Vogtland. In order to create such precious lace goods, a lot of steps are required. At last, accomplished hands sew separate lace pieces together – a piece of art is produced.
Our employees maintained these techniques and are able to perform various embroidery styles.